CSR Consultant | £ 46,000 | London

Our client is a well known organisation, who are looking for an experienced CSR Manager, to head up new strategies and initiatives which will add value to the company. Excellent benefits and basic salary.
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Igneous has become an established CSR, Environmental & Climate Change Recruitment Company and because of this we understand that recruiting new staff can be timely and difficult, we fully manage the recruitment process from start to finish, and making sure your requirements are met or exceeded.

Igneous strives to understand the needs of our clients, in order to make the right decisions on the most appropriate and professional candidates’, who will add value to your organisation.

Database of Candidates – With a vast number of registered candidates, and more applying each day, Igneous has an unprecedented database of candidates, which helps significantly when searching for the specific skill sets and experience of potential staff.

Advertising –Igneous advertises across a number of different medias which are associated with the job sector.

Contacts – With years of experience within out recruitment team working specifically in these sectors, Igneous has the potential to discover the most qualified and suitable candidates for a wide range of roles.

For more information on the services we provide or how we can assist you or your organisation further,
please call +44 (0) 1158 751976 Or email us at info@igneous-recruitment.com

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Igneous is a UK based leading Environmental, Climate Change and CSR Recruitment Company. We offer a comprehensive range of all current and future job opportunities across a wide variety of organisations. With gateways to both the UK and abroad, Igneous has the expertise and resources to help further your career.

Here at Igneous we provide the most professional and expert advice to job seekers, by taking the time to speak to and understand candidates needs and requirements to ensure that they fulfil their future career aspirations.

Whether you are just starting out on the job ladder or simply looking for a change, we will help you every step of the way, making sure your career goes in the right direction for you.

Call us at any time to discuss concerns or questions you may have. Please call +44 (0) 1158 751976 or email us at info@igneous-recruitment.com

Search our website in order the find the most appropriate jobs for you, then simply click apply and we can take it from there, we will review your information before getting in touch to discuss the next step. If there are no jobs that interest you, then register your cv and information anyway, and we will be in touch if any future jobs match your requirements and expertise.

Also feel free to use our resources area, which includes cv and interview advice. click here