CSR Consultant | £ 46,000 | London

Our client is a well known organisation, who are looking for an experienced CSR Manager, to head up new strategies and initiatives which will add value to the company. Excellent benefits and basic salary.
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Interview Advice

Some general interview tips are shown below, review these carefully before you go into an interview:

  • Takes copies of your CV with you
  • Review the company before the interview and prepare for the question you may be asked
  • Arrive on time for your interview
  • Always greet your interviewer with a handshake and by their last name
  • Look awake and interested, and try and keep your eyes on the interviewer
  • Stress your achievements
  • Always conduct yourself professionally
  • Answer question with more than just yes or no, but try not to talk to long
  • Be enthusiastic in your responses and body language
  • Avoid complaining about previous employers
  • Do not raise salary discussion in your first interview
  • Wear suitable clothing

Always remember that first impression count, and you donít get a second chance, so make sure you are fully prepared for an interview. Think about why a company should hire you, what can you bring to an organisation, donít waffle on to much, and just answer questions properly. Make sure you remember your manners, and build up a rapport with the interview, by showing a sense of humour and energy, if you follow these simple tips and recommendation you are well on your way to presenting yourself in a positive light.