CSR Consultant | £ 46,000 | London

Our client is a well known organisation, who are looking for an experienced CSR Manager, to head up new strategies and initiatives which will add value to the company. Excellent benefits and basic salary.
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CV Advice

Your CV is the most important ingredient when job hunting, a prospective employer will often make snap decisions based on the information you include in your CV. Therefore make sure your design isnít unreadable and complicated to read, donít try and make jokes and never bad mouth previous employers.

The length of a CV can vary depending on your career history, if possible try to keep to one page, but if it looks too cramped, then feel free to spread it over 2 pages.

There are a number of CV designs out there, donít worry to much about the best one, just make sure everything is clearly marked.

A basic CV should include:

  • Contact details
  • A brief paragraph outlining your main skills and strengths
  • Employment history
  • Education
  • Specific skills and strengths
  • Hobbies and interests
  • References

Make sure your CV it is printed on good quality paper, A4 size and donít attach extra documents, proof read your CV a number of times, as well as asking a friends or family member to read it too.

Finally it may sound obvious, but be truthful. Never try and change dates or falsify information, as a simple check could expose your deceit and ruin your chances of getting a job. Also for each specific job you apply for change the cover letter appropriately as this gives you the opportunity to tailor your skills to the demands required.